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They write about us

Smart Media, Développement Durable.

Smart Media, L'informatique peut être durable.

Gland Cité, e-Durable fait rayonner l'informatique éthique et écologique depuis Gland. 

The story of our logos

This was the first e-Durable logo, representing the world in the form of a fingerprint or footprint, as we leave behind both our digital fingerprint and our carbon footprint in our daily exchanges and transactions.

The letter “e” of course represents the “electronic” world, with “durable” and the long tail of the final “E” expressing longevity of the planet through sustainable action.

We also incorporated the emblematic green seed and young shoot to represent growth and evolution into a more sustainable future.

A second generation logo was required with the growth of the business, and the subsequent development of a new website. This new logo also overcame the impracticalities of the footprint in print media. “e” and “Durable” are now bridged together to represent the evolution of IT and sustainability working in partnership together.

The footprint has been replaced by the “egg” to symbolise germination of new ideas, and to provide a fertile environment for the responsible IT movement to grow.

As for the color gradient it allows to visually reinforce the same idea of the link between the blue of technology (Blue Chips), the green color of nature and the egg-yoke or sun yellow.

We welcome you to contact e-Durable if you would like more information on the ecological values of our organization that we always have tried to concentrate into our logos.