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Technical Expertise

Document Management Expertise

We have expertise in Alfresco implementation, integration of Activity BPM into customers’ Intranets and have designed critical workflows into customers’ IT eco-systems. We are in the process of becoming an authorized Alfresco Partner.

We also have experience with Documentum. Therefore we can help with the migration from Documentum to Alfresco if you have decided to take the opportunity of Documentum absorption by OpenText to reconsider your EDM and BPM strategy and platform’s future.

BI Expertise

With Business Intelligence project experience in the telecommunications, air transport and financial sections, our Business Intelligence consultants will help you to shape your strategic dashboard, and provide expertise to best utilize your company data.

Open Stack Cloud

By developing our Recycled Cloud we have now gained valuable experience in building and operating a real life Cloud infrastructure for our customers. Our experts have not just read the books but also have done it. They can share their experience and help you conceive, jumpstart and operate your Ubuntu OpenStack Cloud with MAAS and juju. 

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots