What We Do

What do we do for you?

e-Durable can bring your ideas to life. We will facilitate your projects with our ideas and expertise, and support you throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Depending on your role, your job and your project, e-Durable can support you in many ways with our suite of expertise:

For IT Directors and Senior Management of large and medium sized businesses,  numerous concurrent projects and the constant evolution of the IT landscape require you to regularly adapt your IT plan whilst still guaranteeing investments that bring real value. Our consultants can share the workload by aligning your projects with our Stategic Thinking advice to ensure added value for your business every time.

For IT Project Managers and those who manage a portfolio of predominantly IT-based projects, our certified Project Management  experts can guide you through the process, or perhaps our unique Near-Shore expertise will provide you with the perfect combination of maintaining quality whilst minimizing cost.

If you are currently working on document management solutions or business intelligence projects, you can increase your chances of success by speaking to our experienced Document Management and Business Intelligence professionals. We can guide you though your planning, implementation and process improvement phases to ensure the success of your project.

If you are a SME Operations Manager and do not have sufficient time to manage your organisation’s IT network, e-Durable’s effective and independent IT Support Outsourcing option will ensure that your IT network functions optimally, and will also allow you to secure hardware purchases which are both sustainable and reliable.

For IT buyers who share our values of sourcing the most sustainable products, talk to us about finding the broadest range of ecologically viable software and material options.

What do we do for our planet?

e-Durable is committed to minimize the harmful effects on our planet in each and every one of its activities.

e-Durable applies strict ecological criteria to the selection of its suppliers. For example, our bank promotes sustainable activity through its investments in ecological housing projects, renewable energy and organic farming. Our commitment is to maintain the most sustainable practices though our entire supply chain, and so by choosing e-Durable you can be confident of environmentally-principled decisions at every step of the way.

You can also see below that our choices are in accordance with the principles we support, and you can in turn favour the businesses and products concerned. Here is a list of the products and main suppliers we use, who have been chosen due to their commitment to sustainable development, and/or the social economy.



Banque Alternative Suisse
In line with our philosophy, we found the Banque Alternative Suisse, which keeps sustainability and transparency at the heart of its operations, investments and its ethos.


Telephone services:

This was really a default choice as no mobile phone operator really seems to be at the forefront of sustainable development! However, Swisscom does now have a sustainable procurement and fair supply-chain option with their Fair Phone product (available through their partner, Digitec). Unfortunately e-Durable was not able to secure a Fair Phone attached to a small business subscription. Such a pity.


Web hosting:

Horus Networks
We have chosen Horus Networks to host our website, a pioneering local company that has installed solar panels to ensure its servers and equipment are entirely powered by renewable energy.


Printing services:

BSR Imprimeurs
Again we have chosen a local company for all of our printing needs. BSR Printing uses ecological ink and recycled paper which has not been bleached with chlorine.


Financial services:

Caracas Consulting
Caracas Consulting, who provides us with our accounting services, is a member of the Chambre de l’Économie Sociale et Solidaire in the Swiss canton of Vaud, and shares our values of social enterprise at the core of its operations.


Insurance services:

Assurethic is the first ethical insurance broker in Suisse Romande, offering its suite of products to organizations in the social enterprise sector, and those with a humanitarian and environmental interest.


Subscriptions and Interest:

LaRevueDurable is a valuable source of information of sustainable and ethical living, and which in fact prompted the creation of e-Durable. La Revue Durable continually prompts us to engage further with its insightful editorials and articles.

La Chambre de l’économie sociale et solidaire vaudoise (APRES Vaud)
Après Vaud undertakes to support and develop an economy with a human face and respect for the environment in the canton of Vaud. e-Durable was accepted as a member of Après Vaud in April 2017.

La Chambre de l’économie sociale et solidaire genevoise (APRES Genève)
Après Genève’s mission is to support and develop the social economy in the canton of Geneva. e-Durable was accepted as a member of Après Genève in November 2017.