Who we are

The Company

e-Durable SA (e-Sustainable Ltd) is a young Limited Company under Swiss law and based in Gland, VD. Its local Information Technology services and supply of integrated sustainable solutions and practices were initially created within the association named metaDurable’ (metaSustainable), a genuine incubator of ethical and ecological projects. The company has now been running on its own for many years to the satisfaction of its growing number of clients.

The Team

e-Durable works with its partners, its employees and independent specialists around a robust core of founders who you can contact to question, exchange and support sustainable development in IT:

Jean-Damien Beaud

Anne de Rotalier
Head of Ethical & Ecological Committee

Olivier photo

Olivier Van den Eede
IT Consultant & Systems Administrator

David photo

David Stocky
Certified Atlassian Expert

photo Jeffrey Thomas

Jeffrey Thomas
Support Unit Manager

Mikael photo

Mikael Dizar
Systems & Networks Administrator

photo Aimane SBAI

Aimane Sbai
Certified Atlassian Consultant

photo Oscar Gestal

Oscar Gestal
Telematic Consultant

Magdalena Chmielewska
UX Designer & Consultant

photo Ildikó Ferenczy

Ildikó Ferenczy
Executive Assistant

Clément Bernard
Atlassian Consultant

photo Joachim Desroches

Joachim Desroches
System Engineer, EPFL Intern